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Tips on Winning SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt


You’re reading this tips and tricks now because you want to win that monkey game. Admit it! That’s the reason why you’re here – to discover how you can win at Monkey Thunderbolt, one of the most played games found in the online casino Malaysia, the SCR888 .

These tips can help you win, not all the time, but still… you’ll be able to win, right? Do remember that you’re gambling, even if it’s online, the way you play it is just like playing the real thing. You need not to be just tricky, you also need a lot of luck! You read that right, gambling is about luckiness. In addition, the casinos that hosts these games will always ensure that fortunes are always slightly on their side.

There’s no such thing as perfect casino game. There will always be a way to manipulate winning it. Here are some of the things you need to do to win Monkey Thunderbolt SCR888:


Observe how the game moves

Play a couple of rounds with just a single coin. Observe the movement on which combinations tend to win. For instance, look carefully if the winning combinations that almost always come up, are combinations with the lowest earnings.

While playing, it could help if you’ll have a pen and paper to note it and compare after each play. This will give you an idea on how the game create its movement and winning combinations. Do this trait every time you will play the game. Keep in mind that this is an online game, computers control each game and will change format every day or even within the next hour.

If you’ve played this game before, you’ll see that the winning combinations are not entirely random. Try to bet a single coin on each combination each turn – and when the 1000 winning combination turns up, just end the game. This might be something that could be risky for you to continue, because of that cute graphics and colors, you might think that this is just a silly game to play. But it’s not – it’s real casino, it’s just on an online form.


Be wise and play carefully

You have to put one coin into the winning combination that you see working. Remember your notes and trust your guts. If your guts say no, then don’t do it. Sometimes that’s where gamblers, even professional ones lose the game – If they don’t listen to their guts that it’s time to stop playing.

So, for instance, if the lowest denominator you’re going for is 4, then include one coin into four combinations of the lowest earnings. In the worst-case scenario, if the winning combination was an earnings of 4, then at least you’ve not made a loss, but chances are you’d be making 8 – 4 coins or more, which is decent. If you’re willing to take to a risk to bet higher, you could lose more coins into each of those combinations.

Always think if this is worth the risk. Because if not, you’ll lose more than money, you’ll also lose the confidence to be playing it carefully.


Don’t go beyond your goal

Some say that in order for you to win big, you have to bet big. They push you to put up one of those extra coins into ONE combination. This might work but it would still be better if you put in small bets and win small. With this, you’ll also lose small. Rather than doing it big, you might win big but there’s a bigger chance for you to lose a bigger amount. Those small winnings can be kept and turn into a huge winning. Don’t be greedy.

With this game, you can get the winnings in the 125-point combinations or better yet the 1000-point ones. If you are really up to taking the risk, then it’s your decision, just keep in mind that it’s better to win small than loose big. Plus, you can always come back the next day to play and win again.

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